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Drafting smart noncompetes to protect your Louisiana business

If you are a Louisiana entrepreneur investing the time, money and effort to start a business, there are certain natural concerns you may have concerning future employee turnover. For example, your business may require extensive new employee training and on-the-job learning to get workers up to speed. If an employee takes his or her new knowledge about your industry or processes and leaves to start a new business or join a competitor, the financial investment into training will have been lost and will have to be made again to train a replacement.

When concerns come up for a prospective entrepreneur

When a person has an idea for a business and is thinking of starting a company, there are many things they can be quite excited about. However, there are also many concerns they might have. Sometimes, worries about these concerns get in the way of a person actually getting around to acting on a business idea they have.

What are some essential components of a corporate contract?

Contracts are usually the foundation of business relationships. Businesses in Louisiana have to make deals with vendors and wholesalers, suppliers and marketing agencies. The days of "handshake deals" are, in general, long gone. Most people who are involved in business in Louisiana live by the old axiom of "get it in writing." In business, that means a carefully drafted and signed contract.

When a business ends up having to let employees go

There are many very tough situations that can come up for a small business owner. One is having to terminate or let go of an employee. There are various things that could result in a business owner facing this situation, including tough financial circumstances.

Disadvantages to forming a company with business partners

People who are involved in businesses in Louisiana will oftentimes be confronted with difficult decisions. In some cases, especially in circumstances involving mergers and acquisitions, these individuals will be faced with the prospect of entering into a brand-new business partnership. However, there can be disadvantages to forming a company with business partners.

Many workers’ comp claims involve overexertion injuries

Among the injuries workers can end up suffering on the job are overexertion injuries. Workers can suffer such injuries when performing physical actions towards an object, such as lifting, pulling, pushing or moving it. A recent report points to overexertion being behind a good deal of disabling workplace injuries here in America.

Data breach could impact Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo

Many of our readers in Louisiana may have seen some news reports regarding the deal between mega-companies Verizon and Yahoo, in which Verizon is to acquire Yahoo. Since the $4.8 billion dollar acquisition was announced in July of last year, it appears that the transition has gone rather smoothly. However, a report noted that certain flare-ups may jeopardize the deal.

The right approach to employment discrimination cases

There are quite a few laws that protect workers in our country, and in Louisiana. Federal and state laws are in place to help ensure that employees are treated fairly, and that they are not discriminated against on almost any basis. Employers in Louisiana need to be aware of these laws and do their best to make sure that they are in compliance.

Can contract disputes with employees lead to litigation?

Not all employees in Louisiana work on a contract basis. Some employees work on what is known as an "at-will" basis, which means that either the employee or the employer can end the employment arrangement at any time. However, when employees are hired based on the terms of a contract, that legal document will carry quite a bit of weight. So, it is important to get it right. Otherwise, a contract dispute may erupt down the road that could cause quite a few problems.

What will 2017 look like for the oil industry in Louisiana?

Many parties are involved in or connected to the oil industry here in Louisiana. This not only includes large oil companies, but smaller operators and property owners who enter into contracts to allow their land to be used for oil drilling and exploration. For small operators and property owners, many things can impact how their involvement/connection to the oil industry ends up going for them, financially and otherwise.

Intellectual property and prenuptial agreements

Among the goals a person who is soon to be married may have for a prenuptial agreement is to protect certain assets in the event a divorce happens. Now, when it comes to the types of assets such contracts can protect, one’s mind might go to physical assets like accounts, businesses or real estate. However, prenups could also be used to protect ideas.

What are 'the best interests of the child'?

Parents across Louisiana will typically do whatever they can to protect the relationship they have with their children. Because of this, battling over custody rights of a child can become extremely contentious when parents do not get along. In these situations, parents are often acting out of anger, fear, resentment and sadness which can cloud their judgment.

What should you consider when setting your business goals?

Many businesses in Louisiana understand that planning and preparation are the keys to success. This is especially true for complex business transactions like mergers and acquisitions. Whether a company is set to merge with another company, acquire another company or start from scratch, one of the most crucial steps in the planning and preparation areas is to set out your business goals.

What to do if you and your business partner have a dispute

No one likes to argue, but it is a natural part of growth in our lives. When a dispute arises in a business partnership, it can create stress on the wellbeing and livelihood of your organization. Although managing your business can feel all-consuming at times, conflict can be a source of positive change.

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