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Divorce mediation keeps children safe in custody negotiations

On Behalf of | May 22, 2017 | blog

Divorce is never easy on children, but it does’t have to be an emotional hurricane that leaves them with years of rebuilding. Here in Louisiana, we know all too well how the proper aid and preparation can mean all the difference when things go from bad to worse.

The truth of the matter is that a poorly-handled divorce can affect your children for many years afterward if you and your spouse do not choose to take steps to care for them throughout the process from day one.

To those searching for an effective method of divorce that keeps your children’s interests first and foremost, and minimizes unnecessary conflict, there is good news.

Many couples throughout Louisiana and the rest of the country use Divorce mediation each year to help achieve healthy, intentional divorces that focus on what is best for children.

If you wish to spare your children from unnecessary harm in your divorce process, you may want to consider divorce mediation.

Without special care, children suffer in divorce

Divorce mediation features many advantages, but the tools it offers parents to achieve fair, reasonable divorce while mindful of their children is among its greatest strengths.

Unlike a traditional divorce process where opposing legal teams fight it out to preserve the rights and privileges of their respective clients, divorce mediation seeks to keep the process civil and promotes mutual sacrifice to achieve shared goals.

If you have children, then that shared goal is probably creating the best life you can for your children during and after your divorce.

Your mediator helps you walk through each of the legal areas that divorce affects, while helping each of you continually work toward the greater goal of caring for the children you love.

Realistically, this often means both parents sacrifice their privileges for the sake of the children’s well-being. Louisiana, for instance, often prefers for children to have stability throughout a school year, rather than evenly dividing nights spent with each parent. While you could certainly fight for every single night you could possibly win, this might not be the best plan for your children.

A mediator helps keep priorities in mind when you and your spouse negotiate your way through property division, parenting time and responsibilities, and a host of other tricky legal issues — all the while keeping your children at the heart of the matter.

Not only does this approach often lead to a much lower price tag for your divorce because of fewer court costs and less negotiating and fighting, it also pays emotional dividends.

Children suffer from many fears and anxieties in a divorce, and using mediation offers opportunities to demonstrate that they have nothing to fear. Not only this, but you and your spouse can use this difficult season to teach your children how responsible, loving adults face hard decisions.

You may end up saving yourself thousands of dollars in therapy many years down the road!

Don’t wait to set the tone for your divorce

Just because you’re getting a divorce doesn’t mean that it has to be ugly and messy. If you take control of the course of your divorce early on by going to a mediator before communication deteriorates, you have a good chance of achieving your divorce quickly and amicably, even if you and your spouse do not work together well.

With proper guidance from an experienced divorce mediator, you can set the tone for your divorce and protect your family from unnecessary harm in this difficult season.

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