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Workers’-comp-related bill being considered in Louisiana

On Behalf of | May 15, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

The state’s workers’ compensation system and its workings can touch on a range of major issues. So, changes to this system and matters related to it can have the potential to have big impacts and draw considerable debate.

Louisiana is considering making a workers’-comp-connected change. Specifically, it is thinking about adding a drug formulary in relation to its workers’ comp system. Under the proposed new system, doctors would use this formulary when prescribing medication in relation to patient care covered by workers’ comp. Among the things this formulary includes is a list of “non-preferred drugs”. Special authorization would be needed to prescribe medications on this list to workers’-comp-covered patients. Many opioid medications are included on this non-preferred list.

Proponents of the proposal say the measure is aimed at helping reduce opioid prescriptions and combat opioid addiction and overdoses. Opponents argue it is instead a cost-cutting measure.

What impacts do you think this proposed change would have in general here in Louisiana? What affects do you think the change, if enacted, would have on the types of issues that come up for insurers in connection to claims?

As workers’ comp policy issues can have many complexities, so too can workers’ comp claims. So, the range of issues that can come up for workers’ comp insurers over claims is quite diverse. So, when facing litigation or other difficult legal matters in connection to a claim from an injured worker, a workers’ comp insurer may want to promptly have a skilled workers’ comp defense lawyer look over the situation and provide guidance on responding to it.

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