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Former college president loses wrongful termination suit

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

After a job termination, it is common to feel that your firing was unjust. In some cases, of course, a firing is unjust, or at the very least violates some terms of an employment contract. If you face a demonstrably wrongful termination, you may have grounds to sue your former employer for damages and other remedies. However, not all wrongful termination suits are well-grounded, such as the suit brought against a small Baptist college by its former president that was recently decided in favor of the employer.

The former college president claimed in his suit that the college fired him in violation of his contract, but the court did not uphold his claim. The president’s term leading the school was fairly controversial in its own right, and he faced a number of efforts to remove him from the position during his years there. U[on reviewing his claims, the court found that there was no reliable evidence fo many of his claims of malicious intent on the part of his colleagues.

If you believe that you were wrongfully terminated from your position, even if it was a position of leadership, an experienced attorney can help you assess the strengths of your claim. An experienced attorney not only helps you identify strong strategies you can use to achieve your objectives, he or she should also help you understand your claim’s weaknesses, especially if one or more of those weaknesses may invalidate your claim altogether.

With legal guidance, those who believe they suffered unfair termination can fight back against a former employer for remedies beyond monetary compensation. In some cases, a wrongful termination means that the victim should regain the position he or she wrongfully lost. Be sure to understand all of the remedies you might pursue as well as the defenses you may use.

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