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How can our company reduce workers’ comp claims?

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation claims are made quite often by employees in Louisiana. Some employees make claims for the most minor injuries imaginable, while others file claims that are fraudulent. Then there are the employees who get injured on the job and refrain from filing a claim, for whatever reason. As an employer, is there a way the company can reduce workers’ compensation claims?

First and foremost, safety has to be a priority at your company. Even if your company does the most mundane service for clients, you need to have a focus on safety. Employees can still get hurt on the job, especially if they do not take breaks or don’t realize that they are in danger of suffering an injury.

When a claim is filed by an employee, you need to take action immediately. File an accident report that includes incredible amounts of detail and pictures of where the accident occurred. This type of in-depth documentation can help prevent similar accidents in the future, which would reduce the number of claims.

Be on the lookout for fraud. Every claim won’t be fraudulent, but there’s still the lingering possibility it could be present. Don’t overlook that fraud can occur. Fraudulent claims can cost your company quite a bit of money. If you suspect fraud, make sure you alert the insurance company immediately.

There’s nothing wrong with a company looking at its number of workers’ compensation claims and examining why that number is so high. Is there not enough focus on safety? Are there other steps the company can take to alleviate the claims? Take a good look at the workplace and find solutions to reduce the number of claims.