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Using business valuation during a divorce

Couples with complex assets often find that reaching equal property division is the most difficult aspect of seeking divorce in Louisiana. Our divorce laws require that spouses each receive an equal share of a couple's marital assets, rather than allowing couples to reach a divorce agreement that they both agree is "equitable."

Can you keep your business in divorce?

Here in Louisiana, divorces look a little different from those in other states throughout the country. Our state laws require that couples who choose to divorce divide their marital property equally, which removes some flexibility from the property division negotiations.

Protecting a business from divorce in Louisiana

When you own a business, divorce is always more complicated, unless you've thought ahead and protected the business with a prenuptial agreement. However, for business owners facing divorce in Louisiana, there is an extra layer of complication because Louisiana abides by community property guidelines when dividing assets and liabilities in a divorce.

Reasons you might deny a workers' comp claim

When you started your business in Lafayette, you made it a point to do everything in your power to provide a safe work environment for your employees. In addition, you have always offered competitive wages and benefits. You know that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your company. However, this does not mean that everyone that works for you has the best intentions.

Is the non-compete agreement your employees sign enforceable?

When you run a large and successful company, you need to take steps to protect your trade secrets and other sensitive information. When hiring staff who work in skilled or creative fields, or for those in positions that allow access to sensitive intellectual property, your contract should include a non-compete agreement.

Marital property law basics

Getting divorced means that the life you and your husband have built together is going to drastically change. Not only are you physically separating from each other, but you will also be dividing time with your children and splitting your marital property.

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