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Privileges under Louisiana law

What are some essential components of a corporate contract?

Contracts are usually the foundation of business relationships. Businesses in Louisiana have to make deals with vendors and wholesalers, suppliers and marketing agencies. The days of "handshake deals" are, in general, long gone. Most people who are involved in business in Louisiana live by the old axiom of "get it in writing." In business, that means a carefully drafted and signed contract.

The right approach to employment discrimination cases

There are quite a few laws that protect workers in our country, and in Louisiana. Federal and state laws are in place to help ensure that employees are treated fairly, and that they are not discriminated against on almost any basis. Employers in Louisiana need to be aware of these laws and do their best to make sure that they are in compliance.

Can contract disputes with employees lead to litigation?

Not all employees in Louisiana work on a contract basis. Some employees work on what is known as an "at-will" basis, which means that either the employee or the employer can end the employment arrangement at any time. However, when employees are hired based on the terms of a contract, that legal document will carry quite a bit of weight. So, it is important to get it right. Otherwise, a contract dispute may erupt down the road that could cause quite a few problems.

What to do if you and your business partner have a dispute

No one likes to argue, but it is a natural part of growth in our lives. When a dispute arises in a business partnership, it can create stress on the wellbeing and livelihood of your organization. Although managing your business can feel all-consuming at times, conflict can be a source of positive change.

Southwest Airlines and mechanics' contract dispute continues

Businesses in Louisiana aren't the only ones that have to contend with labor issues. These types of problems can be common throughout the country, especially when labor is organized by unions. No one is denying that workers should be entitled to the rights they deserve, including workplace safety and benefits such as health care and benefit leave, but sometimes these issues can become contentious as employment contracts are being worked out.

Getting contracts for builders in writing

Many companies throughout Louisiana deal with the details of contracts on a daily basis. After all, the relationships between businesses can be the crucial foundations of any single company - businesses need supplies, delivery of their products and marketing. However, contracts for builders can be uniquely challenging. When a company hires another company to build a structure, there will usually be deadlines in mind that can impact when and how a company continues business operations. That is why it is so important to get these contracts in writing and make sure that they cover all of the necessary details.

Always put business agreements in writing

It's always best to get it in writing. Whether an agreement happens orally and organically or with legal forms and pen and paper in front of you, it's always best to dot those i's and cross those t's to make certain that the deal is safe and secure. Even what seems simple has a way of becoming more complex over time.

Contract disputes are just one form of business litigation

The prospect of litigation can be a black cloud hovering over many companies in Louisiana, from large corporations to small businesses. Contract disputes are probably one of the most common legal issues that many companies will face at some point in time. And there is no doubt that these types of disputes can come in many forms, including breach of contract issues, problems with development contracts and even issues with employee contracts. However, contract disputes are just one form of potential business litigation that companies in Louisiana may have to deal with on any given day.

"Tech savvy" can help businesses in Louisiana

We live in a fast-moving and fast-changing world. The links between national economies has had a dramatic impact on the global economy, and so have technological advances. While most businesses do their best to adapt to changing technical applications and customer preferences, sometimes the changes can occur so rapidly that it can be hard to adjust.

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