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Louisiana ranks among worst gender pay gaps

Over the last couple decades, and specifically the last several years, the issue of inequality in pay between men and women in the workplace has risen to the forefront of the public conversation. Women have won important gains in the workplace, but are still far from equal treatment and pay in many instances.

Unfortunately, the state of Louisiana has a fairly poor record when it comes to paying men and women equally in the workplace. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released a report placing Louisiana near the bottom of the list of states that pay women equally — 45th worst, to be precise. To be fair, the results are slightly better than least year's report, but still well below most of the rest of the country.

Things to know about a workers’ compensation claim denial

If you suffer any type of on the job injury or illness, you shouldn't hesitate to receive immediate medical attention. While this is important from a workers' compensation perspective, it's also something you need to do to protect your health and well being.

Unfortunately, there are times when a workers' compensation claim is denied. You may think that an approval is in the cards, along with the money that you'll receive as a result, but this is not always the case. Here are some of the most common reasons for a workers' compensation claim denial:

  • You did not report the injury to your employer in a timely manner
  • You did not file a claim for workers' compensation benefits by the deadline
  • Your employer claims that you were not injured on the job
  • You did not receive medical treatment immediately following your injury
  • You are unable to prove that the injury occurred on the job, as opposed to outside of work

Your overtime pay should not be negotiable

Many employees face difficulty getting their employers to pay them fairly for overtime work. Often, an employer may claim that the employee does not actually deserve overtime for some reason or another, or that the nature of the employee's employment status does not qualify for overtime pay. In very broad strokes, employers must pay overtime pay to employees who work more than 40 hours within a consecutive 168-hour period.

However your pay is calculated, whether on a commission basis, salary or some other guidelines, overtime must still be paid according to the hours put in. Some employers may offer a lump sum for overtime worked, but this is probably not appropriate. Overtime must be properly calculated according to the average hourly rate of the employee and the actual number of hours of overtime worked in a given pay period.

Are you familiar with deceptive trade practice laws?

Louisiana has consumer protections in place to prevent dishonest merchants from taking advantage of their customers. This check and balance system is known as deceptive trade practice laws.

Some merchants might attempt to cheat consumers by exaggerating the effects of a product or use deceptive sales practices to turn a profit.

Your divorce and child custody case must be planned carefully

We recently discussed why you should make sure that you are acting in a decent manner when you are going through child custody cases. You should realize that behaving appropriately is essential when you are going through any family law case.

On top of acting appropriately, you should also make sure that you are well prepared for the proceedings. This is something that can help you more than you realize. Not only do you need to think about the practical aspects of divorce, you also need to think about what you are going to face emotionally.

Does courtroom etiquette matter when seeking custody?

It seems like courtroom etiquette should not matter during a custody case. Shouldn't the decision be based on hard facts, like where the child wants to live, how well you can provide for the child, and what legal rights you have as a parent?

It should be, and these things factor in heavily. However, experts note that courtroom etiquette can make a difference. So does the way that you dress when you show up in court. In both ways, you want to aim to impress.

Reasons you might deny a workers' comp claim

When you started your business in Lafayette, you made it a point to do everything in your power to provide a safe work environment for your employees. In addition, you have always offered competitive wages and benefits. You know that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your company. However, this does not mean that everyone that works for you has the best intentions.

In the past, when a worker has been injured on the job, you have not hesitated in approving his or her workers' compensation claim. You feel it is your duty to look out for your employees. But what do you do if you think a workers' compensation claim might be fraudulent? Is there a way to defend against a workers' compensation claim? Fortunately, you do have some options available. Read below for common defenses against worker's compensation claims.

Louisiana's method of property and debt division in divorce

If you're just starting your divorce, one of the first things you need to learn is how your state views marital property and what that means when it comes to dividing it up when you split.

If you're a resident of Louisiana, you have the dubious distinction of living in one of the nine "community property" states.

Gender pay gap is highest for black women in Louisiana

The gender pay gap has been closing in recent years, bringing the United States closer to men and women earning the same wages for the same work. But it remains a problem for women nationwide, and that is especially true for African-American women in Louisiana.

Black women in the state face the most challenging pay gap, making less than half on average than the highest-paid bracket of full-time employees. They also face other difficult working conditions, such as low-wage jobs that are physically taxing and impose restrictions on family life.

How do you make a good non-disclosure agreement?

These days, intellectual property is the lifeblood of many businesses. Innovation is what keeps companies thriving -- which means that what your employees know could really hurt you if they take that information and sell it to a competitor.

And some competitors aren't above poaching a key player from another company if they think it will give them an edge in a highly-competitive industry.

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