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Several factors can lead to a divorce between a married couple

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Family Law

When you get married, you expect your relationship to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, there may be one or more factors causing you to get a divorce in Louisiana. Examining them is essential if you decide to remarry and want a different outcome.

Poor communication

It’s vital to have good communication between a married couple. When this element breaks down, misunderstandings can occur, and one of you may be resentful, lonely or isolated and stop caring about your relationship.


If one of you decides to have an extramarital affair, the marriage may end immediately. Building back trust after this betrayal can be challenging if you stay together. Infidelity is one of the primary factors causing divorce.

Financial struggles

Another factor that can cause you to get a divorce is financial struggles. If one of you is horrible at budgeting and misspends money, it can cause friction and lead to the end of your marriage. It’s best to recognize and address bad financial habits if you want your relationship to last.

Weight gain

If you or your spouse gains significant weight, intimacy can be affected. Other issues, such as low self-esteem, can contribute to a loss of attractiveness, causing a divorce.

Physical and emotional abuse

Criticizing, blaming or shaming a spouse can quickly lead to a permanent split between married couples. This interaction and emotional abuse can be highly stressful, leading to feelings of fear, low self-esteem and shame. If physical abuse in a marital relationship occurs, it can become unbearable for the victim, leading to divorce.

Constant arguing

If you and your spouse cannot understand the other’s point of view, constant arguing can occur. If you have the same argument or similar arguments over and over, it can take a tremendous toll on your marriage. Without a resolution, the ultimate answer may be to end your relationship.

When either spouse struggles with any of these factors during a marriage, stopping the destructive behavior is crucial if you want to avoid divorce. Sadly, many marriages fail because a reconciliation never occurs.