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Mergers and acquisitions can be complex business transactions

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2016 | Mergers & Acquisitions


It’s no secret that the last eight or nine years have been hard on businesses throughout the country, including in Louisiana. But, as more time passes from the depths of the “Great Recession,” many companies are looking for opportunities to expand their market shares and grow in strength against competitors. For some companies, the ideal way to accomplish these goals is to look into potential mergers and acquisitions.

But, the problem is that these efforts can be complex business transactions, with potential delays, obstruction and other pitfalls that may derail any type of deal, whether it is a small business merger, a publicly traded merger or even a hostile acquisition. If there is one thing that is omnipresent in these types of deals, it is the need for all parties to do their due diligence when considering a move.

Mergers and acquisitions can leave businesses facing a need to take proactive steps in order to ensure that any potential deal goes through. It can help to design business goals with a look toward strategic expansion or dynamic shifts toward incorporating new business partners in a burgeoning business venture. After all, engaging in mergers and acquisitions is so often much more than simply buying a company — it can be a move to take a company in a whole new direction.

At our law firm, we understand that our business clients usually want to get through these potential transactions as smoothly and simply as possible. It is our law firm’s goal to make sure that our clients understand their legal options, in order to ensure that appropriate decisions are made for the health of the company. For more information, please see the business and commercial litigation section of our law firm’s website.