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New law passed in Louisiana to protect pipelines

A new law has been passed in Louisiana that is aimed at protecting pipelines. The state legislature passed the law in an effort to fight the vandalism that has been happening to pipelines across the state. The law, HB 727, designates all pipelines as critical infrastructure of the state. If someone is caught damaging pipelines, they could face a maximum of 20 years in prison.

The Louisiana legislature decided to write and pass the law in response to the growing fear of vandalism to pipelines in the state as protests mount in Louisiana and across the country. The law is set to protect and hopefully prevent damage to pipelines by radical environmental groups.

Globalstar sued over merger by Mudrick Capital

Mudrick Capital has filed a lawsuit against Globalstar for its impending merger with another firm. The lawsuit claims that the company is self-dealing with its merger plans because it involves chief executive officer (CEO) James Monroe III. Monroe is also the chairman of Globalstar, which is what has prompted the lawsuit from Mudrick Capital, according to a report.

The merger plans show that Globalstar is to merge with FiberLight LLC and a handful of other assets. The deal is reportedly worth $1.65 billion. The lawsuit by Mudrick Capital was filed on Thursday, May 17, in Delaware Chancery Court. It makes claims that the merger is unfair and notes that Monroe will benefit from it because of the roles he holds at both companies.

Defending against fraudulent workers’ compensation claims

As an employer, you bear an important responsibility to provide sufficient workers' compensation coverage to your employees. Ideally, this coverage provides for their needs when they suffer job-related injuries while shielding you from lengthy, costly lawsuits. Unfortunately, many workers' compensation claims are not legitimate, and seek compensation that the substance of the claim does not justify.

If you suspect that an employee filed a claim that does not hold up to scrutiny, you may have grounds to challenge the claim, ensuring that you don't shoulder unnecessary costs that may harm your business as a whole.

Lack of safety training can lead to workplace injuries

Workplace safety is one of the most important topics every company should have with its employees. Workers must be reminded often how important it is for them to follow all safety policies and procedures in place and to wear the right protective gear. There are times when accidents will still happen even when workers take the proper precautions. But, a lack of safety training can lead to workplace injuries that can be avoided.

One of the biggest mistakes involving a lack of training occurs when new employees are not supervised correctly. This can be very dangerous when the new employees are hired to perform dangerous tasks or to work in a dangerous area of the company. They should have proper supervision so they are not at risk for injury.

Helping children adjust to a custody arrangement

Coming up with a custody arrangement that can please both parents is never easy. It's likely that one of you will be unhappy with the arrangement unless you can agree to something outside of court. Once you head to court, it's up to the judge to make the final decision after hearing both sides. Once the arrangement is approved, it's time to help your children adjust.

The first thing you should do is help them decorate their bedroom in both homes just like it was decorated in the family home prior to the divorce. This will provide them with establishing some sort of familiarity and comfort. It can also help them get used to the situation a lot quicker.

Explaining the Clean Water Act

Many people have heard of the Clean Water Act, but not many know exactly what it is or how it governs clean water. Understanding this law is particularly important for people who have oil or gas rights to a property. The current law, enacted in 1972, is an important one for the environment throughout the United States, not just in Louisiana. It regulates how pollutants are released into the waters of the country.

The legislation was originally introduced as the Federal Water Pollution Control Act in 1948. In 1972, the act was expanded and reorganized into the law that companies and citizens must still follow today.

Business formation options in Louisiana

If you are planning on starting a business in Louisiana, there are plenty of options available for you when it comes to the formation process. It's best that you research all of your options and how they would benefit or hurt your potential business before coming to a decision. This is a legal process that will also affect your taxes, so be sure you choose properly.

The business formation options available for you in Louisiana are as follows:

  • Corporation
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability company
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability partnership

Which type of business formation is right for you?

If you are thinking about starting a business in Louisiana, you might be unsure of what kind of business formation is right for you. For example, if you are starting a bookkeeping business and planning to work from home, a sole proprietorship could be the best option. However, if you and a friend are planning to open a coffee shop in Lafayette, you might want to explore other options like a partnership, limited liability company or corporate structure.

In general, the type of business entity you choose should mirror your organizational and ownership goals. The following business entity overview may help you decide how to organize your company.

Explaining the Employee Retirement Income Security Act

If you have signed a contract for employment, have read employment law or have read employment posters hung in the workplace, you have likely come across the word ERISA. You might be wondering what ERISA stands for and why it is so important. ERISA is short for the Employment Retirement Income Security Act, which was passed in 1974. Let's take a deeper look at ERISA in today's post.

The law was created to protect individuals who are enrolled in various health and pension plans in the private industries across the country. The law set the minimum standards for these pension and health plans that are voluntarily created by employers. ERISA requires the following of employers:

  • Sets the minimum standards for employees to participate
  • Provide employees with plan information regarding funding and features
  • Information about vesting
  • Information about how benefits accrue
  • Establish a plan for individuals to file grievances and appeals
  • Allows participants the right to sue for breach of fiduciary duty and for benefits
  • Created the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
  • Names the fiduciary duties for those who are responsible for managing these benefit and pension plans

How to create a comfort zone when exchanging custody

Exchanging custody of your children with the other parent can wind up being very awkward, stressful, emotional and downright scary at times. You want the exchange to go as smoothly as possible since your children are present.

You need to get along with the other parent as much as you can when you're in front of the children. The situation is likely very difficult on them to begin with, so try taking the time to create a comfort zone when exchanging custody in Lafayette.

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