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Lafayette Property Disputes Litigation Attorneys

Locating and tapping petroleum and natural gas deposits raises an endless array of legal issues. The oil and gas law attorneys of Veazey Felder & Renegar LLC, have wide experience with these matters, from property transactions and leases to disputes over royalties or environmental damage.

Our law firm has counseled and represented large energy companies and independent operators, and we routinely represent individual property owners who need help to protect their rights and capitalize on the natural resources located on their land. From offices in Lafayette, our experienced attorneys represent clients throughout Louisiana and neighboring areas and Texas.

Gas And Oil Lease & Property Disputes

We can advise landowners and small operators on contracts and leases for mineral rights and surface rights. In many cases, we are called upon when a deal has gone bad or property owners feel overwhelmed or taken advantage of. We provide legal counsel, dispute resolution and litigation services for all facets of exploration and production:

  • Title opinions
  • Seismic testing and engineering surveys
  • Mineral rights leases
  • Oil and gas drilling leases
  • Lease renewals and extensions
  • Gas purchase contracts
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Royalty agreements
  • Capping and clean-up
  • Surface damage
  • Groundwater contamination
Land Use And Property Disputes
Beyond conflicts in the oil and gas industry, we represent landowners on the New Orleans area, southwest Louisiana and statewide in all types of property disputes: easements and boundary disputes, servitude enforcement, title disputes, encroachments, adverse possession and quiet title actions, eminent domain/condemnation, riparian rights, zoning and land use disputes, and disputes with neighbors over nuisance, obstructed view or damage to property, restrictive covenents.

Energy And Environmental Law In Louisiana

From our long experience with drafting — and litigating — these contractual matters, we can help property owners and independent operators anticipate potential conflicts. We help avoid unfavorable clauses such as automatic renewal or on-site storage or disposal and get the proper legal assurance the property will be restored once production ceases.

As disputes arise, we are equipped to protect our clients’ interests in or out of court. We invite you to arrange a consultation with our Lafayette oil and gas litigation lawyers to explore the best approach to your situation.