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Deciding who will make the decisions after a successful merger

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2016 | Mergers & Acquisitions


Merging two companies in Louisiana can be a dynamic way to reach more consumers, expand market influence and, ultimately, become more profitable. However, while mergers and acquisitions can be accomplished smoothly in many cases, others can oftentimes leave the parties involved facing crucial differences of opinion. One problem can be the crux of the whole deal: who will have the final say on decisions after the merger is successfully completed?

That main question can lead to many others. Who are the main parties behind the decision to merge the two companies? Will one chief executive officer give way to another, ensuring a smooth merging process that is ultimately better for the new combined companies? Will an outside source be consulted, someone who has been successful in overseeing two newly combined companies in the past? When two companies merge, there is seemingly no end to the number of issues that need to be addressed.

At our law firm, we recognize that many business leaders and investors have differing interests once a merger is underway. Mergers can be complex business transactions, but one thing that everyone usually has at stake is seeing that the merger is completed successfully. We do our best to counsel our clients on the decisions that they must make in order to preserve their best interests.

The complexities of a merger or acquisition shouldn’t keep business leaders in Louisiana from exploring these potential avenues for growth and increased profitability. Just because some very important decisions have to be made doesn’t need to mean that a solution can’t be reached. For more information on these concepts, please visit the business law section of our website.