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When a business ends up having to let employees go

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2017 | Business & Commercial Law

There are many very tough situations that can come up for a small business owner. One is having to terminate or let go of an employee. There are various things that could result in a business owner facing this situation, including tough financial circumstances.

Given recent employment statistics, it appears that that letting go of workers is a situation a fair number of employers here in Louisiana may have experienced last year. These numbers indicate that, overall, jobs were down in the state in 2016.

According to the statistics, the overall number of jobs in the state went down by around 4,600 jobs last year.

One wonders if 2017 will follow a similar path as 2016 when it comes to job levels in Louisiana. One also wonders, if job levels do continue to fall in the state, what impacts this will have on the state’s businesses and workers.

Letting go of a worker can be tough emotionally for a small business owner. It can also raise a range of challenging and complex legal issues. Sometimes, disputes arise between a business and an employee it is letting go in relation to such issues. How a business owner handles such disputes can matter a lot. Mishandling such disputes could make an already difficult situation even more challenging and have major consequences for a business owner and their company.

So, when a legal dispute comes up in connection to the letting go of a worker, a business owner may want to seek out the guidance of lawyer skilled in representing businesses in impactful employment-related disputes.

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