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Kids, the family pet and divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2017 | Family Law

Some issues in a divorce directly regard a couple’s children. This includes child support and child custody. It is important to note though that issues regarding what will happen with the kids after the split are far from the only issues in a divorce that could have major impacts on a couple’s children.

Take what happens with a family pet in a divorce for example.

Kids can be very attached to a family pet. A recent study underscores, in a rather interesting way, just how much a family pet can mean to a child. The study, which looked at a group of 12-year-olds from families that had a pet, compared the relationship the kids had with family pets with the relationship they had with siblings. The study found that the kids, typically, got better along with and had more relationship satisfaction from family pets than siblings.

Given how strong the bond between a child and a family pet can be, one could see how what ends up happening with a family pet in a divorce could end up having major implications for a child.

The fact that all kinds of divorce issues, including issues regarding pets, can have the potential to impact kids is one of the many reasons divorces of parents can be particularly complicated. There can be all kinds of special concerns and goals related to their kids a parent has when it comes to the various issues of the divorce. Divorce lawyers can help divorcing parents here in Louisiana with incorporating such goals and concerns into their overall approach in the divorce and with navigating the complex issues unique to their divorce.