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Louisiana announces new child support payment option

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2017 | Family Law

Among the things a person can come out of a divorce with is a child support obligation. Some parents here in Louisiana make child support payments through the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services. Recently, this agency announced a new payment option for such parents.

Specifically, it was announced that such payments can now be made through electronic money transfers through the company MoneyGram. Such transfers can be made online and at a variety of retail stores in the state.

What payment options are available can be very impactful on a parent who has a child support obligation.

Another thing that can have significant implications for such parents is what options they have when situations come up which cause them to have difficulty with fulfilling their child support obligations. Such situations could include a job loss or a major shift in their income. When such a situation comes up, the longer a parent waits in making efforts to address it in regards to their child support payments, the more their options could shrink and the more the potential consequences they could be facing could grow. What ends up happening in child support matters can have lasting impacts on a parent.

So, when a parent is worried that they may have trouble making their child support payments, it can be wise to promptly contact a family law attorney. Such attorneys can inform such parents of their options and work with them to find the right avenue for addressing their situation.

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