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For one family, divorce doesn’t bring an end to family portraits

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2017 | Family Law

When parents get divorced, one decision that will come before them is which family traditions to keep and which to move on from. One reason parents may decide to keep a particular tradition around is that they feel it will help their child. This can be seen in a story that recently popped up in the news.

The story regards a divorced couple from Alaska. They have a young son. This ex-couple has been getting attention on the internet and in the news lately for a family tradition they decided to keep going after their divorce. This tradition is getting a family portrait taken of the two of them and their son.

Reportedly, among the parents’ aims in doing this is to underscore to their son that he still has a family that loves him and is focused on being there for him. They hope it will serve as a good reminder and model for him.

As this story underscores, there are a wide range of actions divorced parents may take to help and support their child during and after the divorce. What sorts of creative ways have you seen parents turn to to try to help their divorce go easier for their children?

Now, every divorcing family is different. So, when deciding how best to try to soften the divorce process for their kids, it can be important for parents to give careful thought to their family’s unique circumstances. Such circumstances are also important to take into account when working out a custody arrangement regarding the kids. Custody arrangements touch on some very fundamental things for divorced families and their terms vary considerably. It is very important for the specifics of a child custody arrangement to be well–matched to the family’s circumstances. Louisiana parents that are going through a divorce can go to skilled Louisiana divorce lawyers for guidance on what steps they can take towards this goal.

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