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Study finds Louisiana’s divorce rate is among the highest

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Family Law

There are many factors that drive couples to divorce. Unfortunately, many of them hang heavy in the air in Louisiana, where a new study found that we bear one of the highest divorce rates of any state in the country. According to a report recently released by 24/7 Wall Street, the divorce rate in Louisiana is actually the 4th highest of all the states.

The report, which used data aggregated from the Census Bureau, claims that one of the primary issues leading to divorce for Louisiana couples is the significant number of individuals living in poverty or otherwise strapped financially. With an unemployment rate just above 5 percent, Louisiana is one of several states tied for the 6th highest unemployment rate throughout the country.

If you and your spouse face divorce, you may think the best way to go about it is to simply download some forms off the internet and move on with your lives. However, poorly executed divorces can leave ex-spouses connected through lines of shared credit and other financial obligations that were not properly dealt with in the divorce process. An attorney can help you protect yourself and your future, and ensure that your divorce is final and complete.

Professional legal counsel helps you make sure that your rights remain secure throughout the divorce process, guiding you through its most complex aspects to keep your priorities protected. Be sure to seek out all the professional guidance necessary to build a new life and a fresh start for yourself after you fully finalize the divorce you and your spouse need.

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