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Helping children adjust to a custody arrangement

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Family Law

Coming up with a custody arrangement that can please both parents is never easy. It’s likely that one of you will be unhappy with the arrangement unless you can agree to something outside of court. Once you head to court, it’s up to the judge to make the final decision after hearing both sides. Once the arrangement is approved, it’s time to help your children adjust.

The first thing you should do is help them decorate their bedroom in both homes just like it was decorated in the family home prior to the divorce. This will provide them with establishing some sort of familiarity and comfort. It can also help them get used to the situation a lot quicker.

You should also encourage the child to spend as much time with the non-custodial parent as possible. They should not be allowed to skip visitations with the other parent, as this could lead to resentment and other issues down the road.

Let the child tell you all about the time they spent with their other parent once they return home. Do not ignore them, and do not speak poorly about the other parent. The child will be excited about what they did, so let them tell you all about it.

Inform your children of any changes to a custody arrangement in advance. Get them ready for a move or for increased time with the other parent. This can help them come to a better understanding of what is happening.

It’s never easy to a child to adjust to a custody arrangement, even if they have done so in the past. You need to do everything possible to make them comfortable and to enjoy their time spent with both parents after a Louisiana divorce.