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New law passed in Louisiana to protect pipelines

On Behalf of | May 25, 2018 | Oil and Gas Law

A new law has been passed in Louisiana that is aimed at protecting pipelines. The state legislature passed the law in an effort to fight the vandalism that has been happening to pipelines across the state. The law, HB 727, designates all pipelines as critical infrastructure of the state. If someone is caught damaging pipelines, they could face a maximum of 20 years in prison.

The Louisiana legislature decided to write and pass the law in response to the growing fear of vandalism to pipelines in the state as protests mount in Louisiana and across the country. The law is set to protect and hopefully prevent damage to pipelines by radical environmental groups.

The radical groups have been looking for ways to justify the destruction of pipelines. Some pipelines have been damaged across the country, while other groups have spoken out in defense of those who have done the damage to the pipelines.

There have been large movements across the country of radical environmental groups threatening sabotage to underground infrastructure. These groups have been backed by other groups that have spoken out in favor of these actions in an effort to get the public to jump on board with their position.

The oil and gas laws of Louisiana are everchanging. This new law, HB 727, is a perfect example. Not knowing the laws is not a valid excuse to break it. That’s why you should know the laws on the books. It will help you protect your rights. An experienced Louisiana attorney can provide important guidance if you are facing issues involving oil and gas laws.

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