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How to ask someone to be your child’s guardian

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Family Law

Putting your plans on paper for what will happen when you die is never an easy task. Many people cannot even begin to imagine this happening to them. That is why so many people die without a will, leaving probate and other issues to be handled by the courts. You need to get your affairs in order when you are healthy and able to make decisions on your own. This includes asking someone to be the guardian of your children.

Asking someone to be the guardian of your children should you pass away before they become adults is a difficult conversation to have, even if it’s with your best friend or a beloved family member. No one wants to think of this day, which means there might even be tears when the conversation occurs.

When you decide who you will ask you need to do it privately. Don’t do it in front of the entire family in the event that a family member gets upset you didn’t pick him or her. It’s also best to do it in private so the person you chose does not feel pressured into saying yes. There’s nothing wrong with someone not being comfortable holding this title.

Don’t ask the person with the children around either. Have them out of the house or with a babysitter. There’s no need to get them worried for no reason and you don’t want to have to explain what is being discussed.

Let the person know how important they are to you and your children and that this is the best option for all. Explain that this is just a what-if, but if it were to happen, there would be money set aside for the guardian to help him or her raise the children until they reach adulthood.

Figuring out now what will happen when you’re gone is a very smart move. You don’t want your assets, property and children to wind up in the wrong hands. Plan for the future now so you have less to worry about later in Louisiana.