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Divorce does not have to be a lengthy, costly battle

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Family Law

If you are ready for divorce and know that your spouse is on the same page, then there is no need to put it off any longer. Depending on the nature of your marriage and the complexity of your divorce issues, you may be able to streamline the process with an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorce is a simple concept. As long as both parties can amicably agree on how to divide their property and deal with any other issues they need to address, they may be able to shorten the divorce process. They may also be able to keep the associated costs much lower than in a contested divorce.

Practically, this is because uncontested divorce foregoes many of the steps used in contested divorces to give both spouses an opportunity to fight for their own best interests in the divorce settlement. As long as both spouses can agree on fair terms for the divorce, and as long as the court accepts those terms, the process can finalize moocher quickly and save both parties significant divorce costs.

Of course, not all couples can feasibly have an uncontested divorce. This is particularly true when it comes to child custody agreements. In most cases, parents that have children should very carefully consider whether or not uncontested divorce is appropriate, both for their own right as parents and in the best interests of the child.

If you hope to use uncontested to divorce to move on from an unhappy or unfulfilling marriage, be sure to carefully examine the legal issues at hand. A well-planned legal strategy can keep you safe and secure, even if unplanned conflicts arise, protecting your rights while you work toward a fair resolution and begin a new chapter of life on the other side of marriage.