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Use prenuptial agreements to strengthen a marriage

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Family Law

Many couples are surprised to learn that prenuptial agreements can actually strengthen a marriage rather than weaken it, depending on the perspective and intentions of the partners who create the agreement in the first place. Like most legal tools, the intentions and understanding of the partners creating the agreement have much more to do with how it affects their relationship than the tool itself.

Couples who want to avoid financial conflicts in marriage should certainly consider creating a prenuptial agreement, even if they believe that divorce is not an option they want to consider. Many couples have cultural or religious expectations that their marriage must remain intact no matter what. They may decide to forego a prenuptial agreement because divorce is simply not on the table.

A strong prenuptial agreement protects spouses who never divorce in ways that they may not realize. For instance, a prenuptial agreement can keep creditors from hounding one spouse over the other spouse’s debt. Even if neither spouse has much debt when the marriage begins, by planning for the possibility, that tension never has to enter the marital home in the future.

Similarly, prenuptial agreements require both spouses to have at least a functional understanding of the other’s finances before signing. This means that a couple has an opportunity to deal with each other’s financial habits and expectations before those issue cause complications within the marriage. Far too many couples avoid these conversations until they become crises, but those who create a prenuptial agreement have the opportunity to understand and appreciate each other’s financial concerns before any tensions arise within the marriage.

No matter what your relationship looks like with the person you want to marry, don’t overlook this important opportunity to protect yourself and the one you love from completely avoidable marital struggles. Protect the one you love with a strong agreement that keeps your priorities secure.