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Mediation may be able to help when divorces hit an impasse

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | Family Law

The range of important issues divorces touch on is extensive. Divorces can involve all kinds of property division issues, including those involving the marital home, accounts, retirement savings or family businesses. They could involve complex issues related to alimony. If the divorcing parties have kids who are still minors, a whole bunch of other key issues are added to list including those involving child custody, visitation and child support.

With so many impactful issues at play in a divorce, even very amicable divorces can end up hitting an impasse when it comes to some issues. There are many worries a divorcing individual here in Louisiana may have when such an impasse comes up. They may fear that the only way the impasse could be resolved is through potentially contentious litigation. They may worry this will doom any hope of the divorce staying amicable and manageable.

However, impasses on divorce issues don’t have to lead to litigation. It is important for divorcing couples to know that there are alternate ways to try to solve impasses. One is divorce mediation. This is when a divorcing couple sits down with a neutral mediator who helps facilitate discussions between the two parties to try to see if they can come to a workable agreement on the issues at hand. In some instances, couples find resolving tricky divorce issues through mediation to have many advantages, in the short-term and the long-term, over bringing the issues into litigation.

Now, just like any method for addressing divorce issues, mediation can vary in its effectiveness from situation to situation. One thing that can have impacts on how a mediation effort goes is the quality and skill of the mediator involved. So, when a couple decides to go the mediation route, their choice of a mediator can be impactful. So, this can be a decision worth giving very careful consideration to.