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Lafayette Family Law Mediation Attorney

Divorcing spouses or unmarried parents often begin with amicable intentions but reach an impasse. Before resorting to courtroom litigation, mediation can help resolve sticky conflicts and get back on track for an out-of-court resolution.

The law firm of Veazey Felder & Renegar LLC, provides family law mediation services to couples and parents in Lafayette and surrounding parishes. Our experienced family law attorney, Bradford Felder, is also certified to serve as a neutral mediator for all divorce, custody, and community property disputes.

The Merits Of Divorce And Custody Mediation

In family law, winning in court may be an empty victory. Litigation takes an emotional and financial toll, and often hurts the children the most. Mediation can provide the elusive win-win solution. Among the numerous benefits:

  • Preserving resources — The parties can save tens of thousands of dollars by sitting down to mediate an agreement before litigation gets ramped up.
  • Quicker resolution — Mediation is conducted at your pace, not dictated by the court docket. Many couples work through all areas of dispute in a single session.
  • A say in the outcome — Couples work together to reach an agreement, as opposed to a ruling imposed by a stranger.
  • Practical results — Mediated agreements are more realistic and workable than a judge’s mandate, and thus less likely to result in litigation or enforcement actions down the road.

Brad Felder can mediate any and all family law conflicts, such as exclusive use of the marital home, division of property and debts, terms of custody and visitation, spousal support or parent relocation.

Lafayette Divorce Mediation Lawyer

A mediator does not provide legal advice and does not represent either spouse. The mediator acts a neutral third party to facilitate a productive discussion. Mr. Felder draws on extensive experience in family law to offer suggestions, to clarify points of law, to nip arguments in the bud and to keep the process moving. If an agreement is reached, he can draft a binding memorandum of understanding for use by the parties as they complete the legal process in the most cost-effective way possible.

The Louisiana family courts have begun to encourage mediation, but only a handful of parishes currently require it. We urge you to consider private mediation before escalating your conflict to the courtroom, especially if there are children at the center of your dispute.

Contact us today to explore your options with our Lafayette family law mediation lawyer.